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Halls Lowes TIF Info

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Photo Definitions of TIF Properties

This page contains a photo presentation of the types of properties that would meet the "blighted" definition in the TIF Policy to be able to qualify for Tax Increment Financing.
Of course, there will also be a few pictures of what some local developers want us to believe qualifies as blighted. That is the interesting part.
I will try to add more photos as time allows.


This is the old 5th Avenue Motel. Blighted, Yes!


This is the old S&W Cafeteria. Blighted, Yes!


And here we have the site for the Halls Lowes. I really hate for the cows to live on such a blighted pasture. So, is this the new definition of blighted? Since when is a pasture blighted? Underdeveloped? Halls has many empty commercial spaces, large and small. This is what we have some developers in Knoxville wanting us to believe meets the requirements to get a TIF.

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